Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I place an order?

Follow these steps to purchase an item in our shop

  1. View an item by clicking on it and then click ‘Add item to shopping cart’.
  2. Once you have finished shopping, click on the shopping cart symbol to see your item list. If you wish, you can change or delete items here.
  3. As soon as you have completed your list, click ‘Checkout’, where you will arrive to the payment page.
  4. On the payment page, you will be asked to add a delivery address and payment details.
  5. Before the payment is registered, you will see an overview of your order, the delivery address and the payment details. Here you will be asked to check the order. You can correct any details by clicking on ‘change’.
  6. By then clicking on ‘purchase’, a binding order is sent to us and you will be charged the full amount of the purchase.
    Please see our terms and conditions for further information pertaining to purchase agreements.

How can I be certain of the product’s authenticity?

All our products come with an authenticity certificate, either from us or one of our leading partners.

What information is on the certificate of authenticity (COA)?

On the Sportmemories24 certificate of authenticity you will find product information, day and time of the signature session, a photo of the product and a photo of the product being signed by the athlete.

Every certificate is delivered with a hologram and serial number.

Does SPORTMEMORIES24 buy/ sell from/ to wholesalers and distributors?

Yes, we are currently working with leading US sports memorabilia companies and we also have a partnership in England.

Does SPORTMEMORIES24 buy from private sellers?

No, as we cannot guarantee the authenticity of the products through private sellers.

Why do athletes agree to signature sessions with you?

We pay players a fair fee, which the athletes normally donate to a charity of their choice.

Why are the signatures on various fan articles not always the same?

No one’s signature is ever the same twice, but we can guarantee the authenticity of the autograph.

How can I delete my account?

We are sorry to see you go but if you would like to delete your account with us, please send us an email at with the following information:

Please delete my user.

My details are:

User name: [your user name]

E-Mail: [the E-Mail address used to sign into your account]