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Kai Bender and Thomas Helmer


Meeting your favourite sports star and getting a personalised autograph is becoming more and more difficult because of players’ and teams’ busy schedules. Public training sessions are few and far between and, in some cases, have been halted completely. You may find yourself waiting outside the team hotel, sometimes for hours, only to get one or two signatures, or perhaps even end up with nothing. Or maybe you just live too far away and can’t make the journey.

Teams and players don’t often offer autographed products directly which leaves online auctions one of the few avenues to acquire the product you want. But even then, there is no guarantee of finding a product with the original signature of your favourite player. According to industry leaders, 40% of online autographed products are forgeries. The widespread availability of falsified autographs has left many collectors with financial and emotional damage; the disappointment is immense.


SPORTMEMORIES24 is the first professional memorabilia shop based in Germany offering original signed memorabilia with a certificate of authenticity. We guarantee the legitimacy of every autographed product we sell.


Kai Bender, Founder SPORTMEMORIES24 - Partner – Managing Director

For the past 17 years, Kai has run a successful business in event management. He spent five years in the USA, has lived in Asia, is a passionate amateur football player, international sports fan and owns an impressive collection of autographed items collected over the past 20 years.

Thomas Helmer, Brand Ambassador

Responsible for building and maintaining close connections with athletes as well as being the press and sports industry representative.

Former football player for the German national team, currently a sports moderator. Career achievements include: European Champion with Germany 1996, Vice European Champion 1992, World Cup 1998 participation, UEFA Cup Champion 1996, Champions League Finalist 1999, 3 x German Bundesliga Champion, 2 DFB Cup Champion, 390 national games, 68 international games


SPORTMEMORIES24 acquires sports memorabilia through personally organised signature sessions. The sessions are photographed and video recorded. Every one of our products is delivered with an certificate of authenticity (COA) with a hologram and serial number as well as the day and time of the signature and accompanied by a photo of the signature session, showing the product itself being signed.

SPORTMEMORIES24 never approaches athletes during training sessions nor at hotels or airports to get their signatures. In doing so, we would not be able to record the moment and would end up with a quick, lesser quality, signed product.

We never buy from private sellers.


We pay players a fair fee, which they generally donate to a charity of their choice. We purchase the photo rights and all items we will have signed. Therefore our products aren’t necessarily the cheapest, but you can be certain of their superb quality and 100% authenticity.


Was there a sports moment you will never forget? Order an originally signed photo to keep that memory alive.


With our exclusive products, you can start or add to your own collection.


Our products are ideal for shops, especially those selling sporting items, to use as props or for resale.

Sport bars

Add memorabilia to create an authentic sports atmosphere.


As a much-appreciated employee or client gift.

Experience from the USA has shown originally signed items gain in value. For example, a signed Michael Jordan jersey cost $100 when he first started as a professional player. Today, you’d be hard pressed to find a signed Jordan item for under $2000 and if you’re looking for a signed jersey Jordan himself has worn, get ready to pay up to $20,000!

Fan articles are perfect gifts for sports fans. Whether for a family member or client, the item is certain to be treasured.


Not only do we offer our own signed products, we also work with leading memorabilia partners around the world. We take pride in having carefully selected our partners so we can offer an authenticity certificate with a hologram and serial number for every article.


The sport memorabilia business started in the USA where it has been an important part of sporting for decades. For millions of Americans, collecting sports memorabilia is part of the sport and emotional connection to the players. In the States, it’s perfectly normal, and part of the culture, for athletes to give autographs as a way to stay connected with their fans.

Every year in the USA, over one thousand sport memorabilia fairs are held where thousands of fans flock.

Every year, we travel throughout the USA and Europe to discover the newest trends and meet sports stars.

We attend the top international memorabilia fairs such as ‘The National’ 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, attended by up to 40,000 visitors and includes 1,000 stalls all around the theme of sports memorabilia. Check out their site www.nsccshow.com


Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our products.

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