Single Football Boot Display

This elegant football boot display case has been designed to suit most football boots, but please measure your football boot carefully to make sure it fits. The display does not include a boot.

The plinth of this display case has a wooden black trim around the outside. The outer trim on this display plinth is 5mm higher than the inside display surface, which will stop the removable clear cover from sliding off the plinth.

The display cover is made from 3mm thick UV blocking acrylic, which will not only protect from over 90% of UV light, it will also protect your football boot from dust and inquisitive fingers. The display cover is easily removable and can be lifted from the base to gain access to your displayed football boot.

  • Blocks over 90% UV Light, so protecting the autographs on your football boot from fading for longer
  • Keeps your football boot free from dust, but more importantly will stop cleaning products being used on it
  • Deters people from touching your football boot and damaging the autographs.

The internal sizes of this display case are 350mm wide x 175mm deep x 170mm high, and the external sizes are 384mm wide x 209mm x deep 180mm high.


Single Football Boot Display

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