We are EHI certified!

We are EHI certified!

Security, transparency und client satisfaction, are of utmost importance to us. In order to test and improve our systems, we underwent voluntary testing by the EHI retail institute.

And we were approved. Following successful testing of our online Shops we were honored with the EHI Institute signet. We went through a regulated certification procedure, during which test orders were made, accessibility by phone tested, and the compliance of all legal duties of client information have been verified. You are safe buying in our shop. And this we can prove with the signet of the EHI Retail Institute.

In addition, you benefit from:

  • Entitlement of warranty (warranty for defects) in the case of a material defect.
  • The right of withdrawal from a closed contract, which allows you to cancel a contract within a legal period of fourteen days.
  • Solving problems directly by the EHI Retail Institute, in the case, a problem cannot be solved by us.

You may find detailed information on the certification and the EHI Retail Institute on the following website. Or click on the featured EHI banner on our website.

www.ehi-siegel.de www.ehi.org