KING KOBE Lebron James

Acrylic, marker and spray paint on a Spalding Game Ball size 7, sealed and UV-protected with clear varnish
Acrylic display with aluminum stand, painted with acrylic marker

Display size:
32 x 32 cm

Size of ball:
24 cm diameter

Florian von Heißen
Including certificate of authenticity

Completion date:
January 2024

This painting by Frankfurt artist Florian von Heißen depicts Lebron James' iconic dunk on February 6, 2020 in the Los Angeles Lakers' game against the Houston Rockets. Lebron's movement in the dunk resembles an earlier dunk by Kobe Bryant, evoking memories of the Lakers legend, who died just a few days earlier on January 26, 2020. Also a few days before the event, Kobe attended a Lakers game in Los Angeles for the last time on December 29, 2019, where he also met Lebron James. This pivotal time for Kobe, Lebron and the NBA was immortalized in this painting.

KING KOBE Lebron James

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